Love And Everything In Between By Ezinne Edet | Book Review

TITLE: LOVE AND EVERYTHING INBETWEEN AUTHOR: EZINNE EDET GENRE: ROMANCE NUMBER OF PAGES: 64 DATE OF RELEASE: FEBRUAURY 14, 2019. ABOUT THE BOOK LOVE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN is a collection of short stories about issues we deal with as humans when it comes to love and relationships. Each story has an issue or topic... Continue Reading →


2 Things You MUST Know About Depression

Every day, more and more people are given over to depression. Depression has become a mental illness that continues to ravage our society, even to the point of suicide. To better increase our chances of winning over depression, here are two things that we must know

THE TRAGIC YEARS: Nigeria in Crisis (1966-1970) by Ola Balogun| Book Review

Ola Balogun has declared a twist to the way the civil war is told in history. There are a lot of things that traditional media or history books may not tell you. You’re never really sure who to believe or who’s telling you the truth. I’ve read accounts of the Nigerian Civil War, but none have come close to the tunes Ola Balogun played in his book. He didn’t just show us the skin, but everything including the blood and gore of war between brothers and sisters. He stripped those years and inner workings of Nigerian politics down to the bone. He left Nigerians pants down by showing us one thing, Experience isn’t always the best teacher! Especially in Nigeria’s case. The problems we had then, we still have them now.

SCRIBBLED LINES BY Becky Okhomina|Book Review

Scribbled lines is packed, and I mean packed! It's suspenseful and exciting. The progression is fast paced and yet still manages to give the story and it's characters time to develop within a short amount of time. Once I picked it up, I didn't put it down until I was done. It was impossible to take a breath while reading. The only time you breathe is after the last full-stop ends the story and you exhale a breath of relief. Relief for freedom, trust, loyalty, victory of truth and of course, Justice!.

3 Reasons Why I Love To Write In Books

I used to detest writing in books I read, even as much as I didn't like reading books others have made notes in. Some years down the line and I absolutely love doing both. There's a new post on the blog, and I put together 3 reasons why I live writin in books. Read up and let's discuss. Do you have similar or different views?

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