5 Types Of Men You Don’t Want To Meet! (Rumour Has It Inspired)|

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I personally feel guys who do this are too shallow for me. I mean, if you really think throwing gifts at me or constantly mentioning how much you make would get me to like you one bit, then you're obviously mistaken. You barked up the wrong tree!

Mountain Between Us (2017):What Makes People Married?

The Mountain Between Us is a movie about two people(Idris Elba and Kate Winslet) who survive a helicopter crash and have to wait it out in the dead of winter surrounded by nothing but mountains covered in snow. They fell in love, but the relationship eventually ended immediately they were able to return to the … Continue reading Mountain Between Us (2017):What Makes People Married?

How I Got 8.0 Overall Band Score In My IELTS Test

How I scored IELTS 8.0

A few days ago, I received my IELTS result and here’s what I had: Listening: 9.0, Speaking: 80, Reading: 7.0, Writing: 7.0 and Overall: 8.0. Honestly, I could have done better if I had just practiced well enough but that’s not what we’re here for. On social media, people have been asking for tips, advice … Continue reading How I Got 8.0 Overall Band Score In My IELTS Test

ANNA (2019) | Movie Review

Think John Wick, but as a flexible, treacherous, backstabbing, intelligent woman, and with more lines. This is Anna. More like a joANNA Wick. It'll be the action movie of the year if they'd end up in the same movie. 

Deep seated within all the action and romance, is the desire Anna reminds us that all humans have: the desire to be free! To live and let live. To decide when you want to sleep or wakeup, when you want to go out, or if you want to shoot a high profile government official. 

The movie ended with the satisfied audience at Cartege Cinemas Asaba in high spirits and a round of applauds.  I'm certainly watching it again, and maybe once more after that. 

Whenever you're in Asaba, you'll want to visit @CartegeCinemasAsaba. (Try the pizza first. Don't say I didn't help you. Lol) They actually deliver wherever you want within Asaba.

Have you watched ANNA yet? What did you think about it?

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi | Book Review

Title: Freshwater Author: Akwaeke Emezi ABOUT THE BOOK "Ada has always been unusual. As an infant in southern Nigeria, she is a source of deep concern to her family. Her parents successfully prayed her into existence, but something must have gone awry, as the young Ada becomes a troubled child, prone to violent fits of … Continue reading Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi | Book Review

3 Reasons Why JOHN WICK: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is a MUST WATCH | Movie Review

From the action in every scene, moments of humor, the dogs, the morocco scene, and all other wonders of John Wick 3, it’s certainly money well spent.

It’s hardcore display of brutal take-downs will leave you wide eyed and mystified, wondering how Keanu Reeves held up his body after every rehearsal. True enthusiasts of action movies would bow at the greatness that is John Wick.